Welcome to Hollycroft Park

History of the Park


During the war

When the war started in 1939 some of the Gardeners left for war leaving the flowerbeds to be used as vegetable growing beds for food, the conservatory growing tomatoes and lettuces. Much of the produce was used by the British restaurant in Wood Street to provide low cost meals for factory workers.

Towards the end of the war concerts were started in the park again. When the war ended the council began the expansion of all the parks and open spaces under

their control. To cope with the extra maintenance required a parks department was set up

Post war to present

Over the next few years more glasshouses were built at Hollycroft Park to produce bedding and decorative plants. The council had some success in horticultural (gardening) shows in the Midlands. However, in 1980 the compulsory competitive tendering act came into force which meant that the council could no longer grow its own plants. As a result the greenhouses were no longer needed and were later demolished. This was the fate of many local authority greenhouses at this time.

The original layout of the park has been retained in the main, although some changes have taken place to meet changing public needs. The majority of the ponds were filled in and some of the flowerbeds have been grassed over. However, there is still an abundance of shrubberies and formal beds. A series of band concerts continue to take throughout the summer months, together with a number of other park events.

In 2000 to celebrate the Millennium, two features were added to the park, the Millennium Sundial at the main entrance to the park at Shakespeare Road, and the Labyrinth in the picnic area near the entrance at Hollycroft. The Friends of Hollycroft Park group was also established in 2000 and the group has gone from strength to strength, and are now responsible for the majority of the events that take place in the park.

Finally, In 2007 they received a National Lottery Breathing Spaces grant award to create a new wildlife area in the park.